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One Family Junior ISA

500 lump sum
or 10 per month

AApply online & set up a Direct Debit of 20 or more and receive a 40 Amazon e-voucher. T&Cs apply. See OneFamily website.
Boots and Amazon vouchers

MoneyFacts Awards Winner 2014+ Award winning: Winner of the 2015 & 2016 Moneyfacts Award for best Junior ISA Provider.
+ Parents, family and friends can all contribute.
+ You can manage your account online or UK based call centre

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Forester Life

10 per month
or 20 lump sum


+ Apply, top up and manage your Junior ISA online.
+ Professionally managed by Schroders Your savings are balanced between stocks and shares and fixed interest holdings by the experienced fund management team at Schroders.
+ Flexible  Its up to you. Save as little as 10 a month, make single contributions or both; up to 4,080 this financial year (2016/2017).
+ Anyone can contribute - ideal for birthday money and other financial gifts
+ Clear, low capped charges  The only charge is an annual management charge. Unlike some other providers, we dont charge entry, exit or transfer fees.
+ Because it invests in stocks and shares, the Junior ISA's value can fall as well as rise, so your child could get back less than has been paid in.

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Hargreaves Lansdown Junior ISA

25 per month or
100 lump sum

Free Pedro Penguin moneybox designed by Aardman annimations A free Pedro Penguin moneybox designed by Aardman.

+ One of the UKs largest Junior ISA providers - nearly one in three Junior Stocks & Shares ISAs were opened through Hargreaves Lansdown last year
+ Manage the account 24/7 online or using our free mobile or tablet apps.
+ Anyone can contribute towards the account - parents, grandparents, friends & relatives.
+ Excellent customer service - knowledgeable and friendly Bristol-based helpdesk..

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Scottish Friendly Junior ISA

50 lump sum
or 10 per month


+ Low annual management fees
+ One of the UKs leading friendly societies established in 1862
+ Managing in excess of 750million worth of funds (as at 31/12/2011) with over a million policy holders
+ Quick & simple online application process

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Shepherds Friendly

100 lump sum
or 10 per month

 A love2Shop gift card worth up to 30
Free Love2Shop gift card worth up to 30

+ Mutual Friendly Society established in 1826
+ Quick & simple online application process
+ Grandparents, friends & family can contribute
+ a love2Shop gift card worth up to 30

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Childrens ISA Ltd

10 lump sum
or 10 per month


+ Your funds are managed by Prudential who are one of the UKs most trusted and well established fund management companies
+ Hold different funds within the account to
help minimize the risk.
+ One of the UKs leading Junior ISA Providers

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Tax Free Junior ISA

10 lump sum
or 10 per month


+ Mix and match funds to spread risk
+ Sharia and Ethical Options available

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Child ISA

10 lump sum
or 10 per month


+ Experienced Child Savings Platforms
+ Low minimum investment requirement
+ Choose from Cautious, Balanced & Adventurous funds

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The Children's ISA Ltd
Sharia / Islamic

10 lump sum
or 10 per month


+ Fully compliant with Sharia law
+ Inline with the Islamic Investment Guidelines
+ Funds  managed by Aberdeen Asset Management

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The Children's ISA Ltd

10 per month
10 per month


+ Socially responsible investing
+ One of the first to market providers
- Whole investment goes into a single fund

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Junior ISAs are the new and affordable way to invest and save towards the financial future of your child.

If your child did not qualify for a CTF (Child Trust Fund) and is under the age of 16 then you can open an account and start to invest in a Baby
ISA today.

Junior ISAs offer tax free savings and once an account is open, anyone can pay into it including Grandparents, Parents, Other family members as well as friends.

For further details, please choose from the Junior ISAs below:

Stocks and Shares Junior ISAs

These offer an investment savings platform for your money.

Dependent upon the provider, your money will go into a wide range of investments including stocks and shares, fixed interest investments, government and corporate bonds, cash, property funds and more.

Click below for
Stocks and Shares Junior ISA.
Click here for further details about Stocks and Shares Junior ISAs

Junior Cash ISAs

These offer a cash savings platform for your money very much like a regular savings account.

Currently there are only a few Cash Baby ISA accounts available from a limited panel of providers but we are expecting the number of providers to increase as Junior ISAs become more popular.

Click below for
Cash Junior ISAs.
Click here for further details about Junior Cash ISAs

Family Investments Junior ISA

Family Investments are the multi award winning childrens investments provider.

They currently manage in excess of 3 billion pounds worth of our money and are one of the UKs leading Child Trust Fund & Baby ISA Providers.

Offering 2 superb different funds for you to invest in, you know your money is in safe hands.

Click here for further details about 'Family Investments'
  • Benefit from tax free savings.
  • Help save towards your childs further education or a deposit for their first home.
  • Provide a savings platform for family and friends to pay into - No more unwanted gifts.
  • Help teach your child the importance of saving rather than borrowing.
  • If you are at all unsure towards the suitability of a baby isa or any other financial product or service then we strongly recommend that you seek impartial advice from a regulated independent financial advisor.
    www.juniorisaproviders.org does not offer financial advice

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